Paul is coming home

Marla Fields on January 13, 2020

January 2nd Paul left with Dave the director of Open Door, and a seminary student for Myanmar. Many of us remember it as Burma. Their 10 days there have been ones of teaching in the seminary, preaching, and then traveling to another area of the country to minister to national missionaries. They are now waiting several hours in the Yangon airport for the long journey back home. I've been so thankful for the chance to talk to him at least twice a day. While it is 9am my time, it is 8:30 pm their time. Yes, 12 and one half...

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A new Bible - diary - and devos notebook

Marla Fields on January 1, 2020

2020 is a new year with new things with which to begin. A new Bible to read daily, a new diary to journal the year, and a new devotional notebook, These will be my faithful companions. I don't doubt that I will reach my goals to read God's Word daily, nor to write in my diary daily. My devos notebook will be a little different from last year, but I am excited about the plan I am undertaking. But there are hopes and dreams for 2020 that I didn't strive for in 2019 that I plan and pray for this...

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New Beginnings

Marla Fields on December 18, 2019

It's hard to believe that I have neglected the website for so long! But I need to get back into life as we are now experiencing after life as I knew it for so many years. I miss our lives in Paraguay so much! I miss our brothers and sisters there. Transition to the USA and to a new ministry with the Open Door Baptist Missions has been hard, yet good at the same time. Hard because I realize how much of who I am is related to Paraguay and my life there. Forty years of friendships there compared to...

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Camp 2018 is in session

on January 16, 2018

Paul was asked to give the first day's studies on Samson. He spoke this morning at 9AM and will again tonight.  May God use these messages to open their hearts and lives to put their confidence in God and following His way! The mornings begin with personal devotions, breakfast, and then counselor devotions in the open air of the campgrounds. Pray as the counselors and the ones speaking encourage the young people to make sure their eternity is sure in Christ and that their young lives are counting for His glory.

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My brother and sister plan to visit us.

on May 31, 2017

My little Sis is coming to visit in June! Along with my big brother. We can't wait! Ron is on the right. He must be camera shy as I had a hard time finding a picture of him.

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